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Yvonne E. Fiadzgbe


Yvonne E. Fiadzgbe

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MHC Certified


Nutrition assesment

Dietary consultation

Diet planning and management

Monitoring and Evalution of diet

About Yvonne

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Yvonne Eyram Akosua Fiadzigbe is a certified Nutritionist whose Nutrition Assessment, Dietary Consultation, Diet Planning, and Management, Monitoring, And Evaluation of Diet. Yvonne is passionate about health and fitness and helping people achieve their dietary goals, promoting healthy living, managing diseases, and loves gaining new experiences. Yvonne has 4 years cumulative years of experience and Krachi Nchumuru Health Directorate, North Dayi Health Directorate, Hohoe Health Directorate, Volta River Authority Hospital, and Imperial Health Sciences. Some of Yvonne’s hobbies include Reading, Writing, Travelling, and Watching movies.

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