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A call to give back

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A Mission-Led HealthTech Company

MYHEALTHCOP upholds faithfulness and our Customers can trust us. We take responsibility for our Customer’s well-being ensuring they Live Longer, Healthier, and Stronger.We treat them with the utmost respect and strive for the highest standards in all we do.

Our Mission

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To foster long-term lifestyle changes of all humanity through the promotion of healthy living and wellness practices

Our Social Contribution to Community

1 % of every transactions on MyHealthCop go to solve social problems around us

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My HealthCop Foundation

Is a locally registered non-partisan, non-profit foundation dedicated to providing charitable and community-based benefits to members of the community through the promotion of healthy living, wellness, environmental protection, education, and financial inclusion in Ghana, and beyond, using a digital platform.



To address and resolve problems associated with physical, environmental, and social well-being in the community.


To give back to the community by plugging social actors onto the digital platform who will promote social projects and events which border around our three pillars of Wellness; Live Healthier, Live Stronger & Live Longer.


To give the opportunity to members within the community to perform acts of kindness by giving back to the same community via our digital platform.

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Our Social Cause

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Healthy Living

This involves providing the less privileged in our Communities the opportunity to live healthier by maintaining a “healthy body and mind” through eating well, exercising, getting enough sleep, as well as seeking and accessing medical care when needed


Wellness for all by being providing wellness to underprivileged communities

Environmental Protection

Beach and City Clean Up Project to protect our ecosystem and wellness playgrounds


Provide educational support to Health & Wellness entrepreneurs to get certified, and sell their services and talent at the right fee

Financial Inclusion

Improving the Finances of our Health and Wellness professionals by providing the platform where they are appropriately commensurate with the value they create

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How to Contribute

Become healthier and be a part of social responsible team

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The first step to a healthier you takes less then one minute

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